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In 2006, Satellite Racing was born as a development group for Swedish American Racers (SAR). Locating like-minded racers who want to improve their online race craft and have a good time. The drivers took the team and overall driver championships for the GT2 Classic Division in their rookie season with SAR drivers sitting on top of the standard GT2 division. The success set the tone for what was to be expected even now, almost two decades later.

In 2011, Satellite Racing was officially incorporated with the US Government as a company, and 2 weeks later, the team made its debut in the SCCA at Palm Beach International Raceway with an Invader chassis in the Formula 500 class. That weekend also saw the teams 1st pole, fastest race lap, and win in the real world of racing as we came home with a 15 second margin of victory ahead of the 14 car field.

Between 2009 and 2020, the team had expanded into Formula 500, Formula 600, endurance karting, various SSCA series, and additional endurance racing challenges. On the sim racing side, the team continued to grow and earned success in many events across many different platforms, including rFactor and rFactor 2, GTR2, and iRacing. 

Since the COVID pandemic, the team decided to commit to its sim racing platforms and growing its development group and success in the burgeoning esports and simracing world, competing in series such as the Virtual Le Mans Series, Sportscar Open, and IVRA, but always with an eye to return to the real track to continue our success when the time is right. For now, our vision for the team remains the same as it did back in 2006: to improve and have a good time, but with the added expectation of excellence through achievement – we aim to meet or exceed those expectations with every lap we turn.

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