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Roberts entered his first online sim race in 2007 and has been hooked ever since. He enjoyed it so much that he learned how to mod sims which eventually lead to him building up his own sim racing website, Xplore Sim Racing, where he is still in charge of leagues while he continues to feed his need for speed. While stats prior to XSR are uncertain, Roberts has since won 6 driver championships, 1 team championship (prior to Satellite involvement), and is the reigning 2017 XSR Grand Champion with more than 50 wins and countless other podiums. Roberts had already competed against several Satellite Racing drivers during his sim racing career when Davy Benham, with clearance from owner Matt Strand, invited him as well as another XSR driver, to join Satellite Racing’s karting team in an effort to win the EK 24 Hours of America in 2016

Roberts: “I couldn’t believe I had been asked to join the team in the race. Just when I was beginning to realize that any chance of racing I had was rapidly fading, these guys gave me my first shot and I can’t thank Davy, Matt ,and Ryan enough for giving me my first real life racing experience. To this day, I can honestly say I am still a little shocked by it, but the guys at Satellite are awesome and I had great fun. And, as if I wasn’t before, I am officially hooked on motorsport now and am striving to return to the pits and/or driver seat; in whatever capacity Satellite needs me. That goes for sim racing too. I’ve proudly carried the Satellite name on nearly all of my sim entries since 2016 and I am looking forward to teaming up with some of the guys in some longer sim races. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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