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Starting off his racing career with karting at just 5 years of age, Tom quickly developed a knack for driving things fast. Friendly competition with his older brother quickly turned into fierce competition. The constant hunger for speed couldn't be stilled by just karting. And the fact that it's quite expensive, made Tom transition into sim racing.

Starting off in a small French league called WCP, Tom realised that he actually was pretty quick. Winning races and scoring podiums at just 14 years old. After moving ship to a larger, more difficult playing field he also realised he wasn't the only fast driver. Honing his skills, he later moved to GPVWC where he got to know Matt Strand.

Racing for Satellite in the Super cup competition may not have brought the results Tom hoped he would get. But it made him improve as a driver and as a person learning to deal with his hatred for losing. The real life racing fire hadn't burned out though. Tom tried his hand at endurance kart racing with the 24 hours of Milton Keynes. With moderate success, finishing both races with team Sad Car Racing. Currently active in iRacing, the hunger for speed will probably never go away.

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