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I've been simracing since 2009 and joined Satellite Racing in 2013 as I was searching 
for a motivated team that had the same goals as I did; not just competing against the 
best, but beating them. It quickly became apparent to me that this was a great fit 
and after Matt told me that he would let me test one of their Formula 600 cars if I 
won the championship I saw the opportunity that I had been dreaming of since I was a 
kid. We were able to win a ton of races and beat all of the competition, meaning I 
was asked to come down to Roebling Road to not just do a test session, but actually 
spend an entire weekend in the car getting my racing license.

This weekend was the 
beginning of what is still me living my childhood dream; driving race cars. The test 
quickly turned into me showing up in Texas for my first race weekend and securing two 
2nd place finishes that weekend. Both the 2015 and 2016 season saw many ups and downs, 
show some awesome potential as a team. The 2017 season was highlighted with Satellite 
Racing sponsoring me to race in the national championship at Indianapolis Motor 
Speedway, finishing in 2nd place behind the other Satellite Racing car of 
Clint McMahan, after fighting my way through the field from 11th position. 

The current simracing journey continues with me driving in the WCS GP alongside 
promising newcomer Jacob Pegg to see if we can add some more metal to the Satellite 
Racing trophy cabinet!

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