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Having raced against Satellite since his start in Sim Racing in 2009, Ryan Mayfield became a member shortly after meeting Matt Strand at Sebring the following year. After years of racing online, Ryan had his first real-life race at a 6-hour Endurance Karting event with Matt in 2014. Since then, Ryan has taken the reigns of Satellite Racing’s involvement in karting, helping the team’s many members put their virtual skills to the test against real-world competition for the first time. Following his time in karts, Ryan has begun racing motorcycles on the very same tracks that he has been running the karts on. 

The 2018 24 Hours of America kart race marked Ryan’s return to 4-wheel racing as he was hired by Alfe Racing to join Ryan Westman, Larry Foyt, Louis Satterlee, and a couple other hot-shoes to make a run for the overall win. Ryan is now looking ahead to the next step in his racing career – managing a schedule of both 2-wheel and 4-wheel races in 2018 and beyond with Satellite Racing.

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