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The Big Merger

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Perennial rFactor competitors Satellite Racing announced today the merger with Wyvern Racing and VRT eRacing to extend the teams competition reach deep into iRacing. The deal would see all 3 outfits to run under the Satellite name, while Wyvern and VRT management will head up the logistics of running the teams first real foray into iRacings top series. The official relationship with Wyvern extends back to the beginning of the NEO Endurance Championship Season 5 in the summer of 2018.

Sai Andra, owner of Wyvern Racing, weighed in. "Matt and I have known each other for a long time, well over three years in fact, and we always talked about his goal of merging simracing and the real world, and when I was head of Wyvern Racing, Matt provided some of the backing necessary for our early successes. So when the opportunity came, it only made sense to bring everyone under the umbrella of Satellite Racing." The group with Andra, Nick Rowland, Michel de Jonge, Pierre-Benoit Lemire, and Dallas Pataska went in with lofty goals for the first full season of LMP1 competition. Those goals were quickly met and soon became the benchmark for the season as a whole to build off of.

As a result, the trial relationship with Wyvern was deemed a success when the team not only qualified 1 car for the top LMP1 class of the NEO Endurance Series, but also brought home a resounding 5th in the team points by seasons end. Satellite co-owner, Matt Strand, had this to say: "This is a massive step in our teams overall plan, one that has been in the works for a little over a year now when we first got in touch with Sai about working together. Along the way, VRT stepped in looking to do the same with the goal of everybody on the team improving moving forward. This is huge for me personally as well because it helps me to focus on growing our Sim to Real brand elsewhere. Having Sai and Ringrose (VRT eRacing owner) come onboard along side Nick Rowland from our side to organize that massive effort and pool of talent together is amazing and we're looking forward to helping this extended part of our family beyond just the esports racing world. I'm excited man!" Joseph Ringrose, owner of VRT eRacing. "It was getting difficult to run the team as a small organization, Sai approached me about the move a good few months ago. We partnered up for the final couple of rounds in the NEO Endurance Series. We have got a good foundation and we're lucky to have some talented drivers and with some work we can hopefully make it near the top!" With the team having already been running together for the beginning of the Sports Car Open Series, the first big special event as a group coming up will be the annual classic that is iRacings 24 hours of LeMans coming up this weekend June 1st and 2nd, coincidently the same weekend as the team closes out the Virtual Endurance Championship in rFactor 2 with the same race.

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