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Satellite Racing Welcomes New Additions

Satellite Racing is pleased to announce the arrival of several drivers to bolster its already adept rFactor 2 lineup. With immediate effect, Satellite will also modify its lineup for the current Virtual Endurance Championship (VEC), the premiere endurance series in rFactor 2, making the already competitive organization that much more potent for the six race championship.

With the additions, Satellite is able to expand its four-car effort in the series to six cars, which will now include two LMP2 entries. Joining the team are:

  • Luca D'Amelio

  • Davide Arduini

  • Francesco Morante

  • Riccardo Tarlazzi

  • Lorenzo De Ciutiis

  • Marco Slanzi

  • Leonardo Pupo

  • Andrew Hollom

The drivers arrive to Satellite having already competed in high level simracing for some time. "In the short time this group was together, we achieved results instantly and we feel the reason was mainly due to the group effort we were having in each race," said Luca D'Amelio, one of the drivers in the newly-formed #35 LMP2 entry. "Team is important to us, so finding a spot where we could keep the group together was important. Satellite was at the top of the list for us, so for us to stay together while moving to a top-end team is amazing and exactly what we had hoped. We look forward to working together and are excited for what the future reserves for us!"

The addition of two other cars to the Satellite Racing contingent has permitted some re-organization of the entries, which now look as follows:

#21 VRS Satellite Racing Cadillac DPi

David Nichols

Juan Amaya

Ian Peiffer

Andrew Hollom

#23 VRS Satellite Racing Cadillac DPi

James Dziuba

Riccardo Tarlazzi

Lorenzo De Ciutiis

#35 Moradness Satellite eStars Oreca LMP2

Davide Arduini

Luca D'Amelio

Francesco Morante

Leonardo Pupo

#339 VRS Satellite Racing Oreca LMP2

Nello Pastorino

Ryan Nash

Marco Slanzi

#64 Moradness Satellite eStars Corvette C7.R GTE

Henri Sinik

Jimi Nisula

Pauli Ahonen

#265 VRS Satellite Racing Corvette C7.R GTE

Jan Granqvist

Tom Kapusta

Adam State

Liam Rance

Be sure to follow Satellite Racing throughout the Virtual Endurance Championship season by watching the race broadcasts and by reading our race recaps!

2021 VEC Schedule:

Round 1

6 Hours of Monza

October 9, 2021

Round 2

8 Hours of Spa

November 6, 2021

Round 3


January 8, 2022

Round 4

1000 Miles of Sebring

March 12, 2022

Round 5

6 Hours of Nurburgring

April 9, 2022

Round 6

24 Hours of Le Mans

June 4, 2022

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