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Satellite Racing and Moradness Announce Partnership

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Satellite racing is pleased to announce a new partnership with the lifestyle brand Moradness, founded by factory Mercedes-AMG sim driver Daniel Morad. The collaboration will see Moradness become the official supplier to the team, and extend the already strong connection between Morad and Satellite Racing. The relationship between the parties also forms the basis for the creation of the competitive 'Moradness Satellite eStars' moniker, which will adorn the liveries for all competitive top level sim teams competing under Satellite Racing across all platforms.

“It’s great to welcome Moradness to Satellite Racing,” said Matt Strand, team owner of Satellite. “We’re excited to partner with a brand that embodies high quality and attention to detail with a Motorsports and Sim Racing presence.

“This partnership demonstrates the growing interest of brands to the team, and helps underline the great appeal Satellite has with our identity of blending real world and simulated racing at the highest levels.” Daniel Morad, Founder and Owner of Moradness, added: “We are very happy with this collaboration between Moradness, a brand we passionately started to bring the racing community together, and Satellite Racing, one of the premier sim-racing and real life racing teams.

“Working with Satellite presents a unique opportunity to continue blending the divide between sim racing and real-life motorsport, and we are proud to be partnering with a strong esports team operating in a growing and competitive esports landscape.”

Moradness Lifestyle Brand:

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