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Partnership with Virtual Racing School

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

We are extremely proud to announce that we have partnered with Virtual Racing School (VRS).

This is a collaboration that takes the VRS brand and new Direct Force Pro wheelbase to real world racing. We will be taking simulator setups around the US to venues where we race with the VRS Direct Force Pro for you all to test, enjoy and take part in competitions with.

This partnership extends in to Sim Racing where our drivers will be using the Direct Force Pro wheelbase along with our new liveries that demonstrate the VRS logo.

The partnership goes hand in hand with our goal of erasing the lines between virtual and reality, guiding those in the sim world to the real world. It will also allow real world drivers of all calibre to experience the exceptionally well-engineered Direct Drive wheel that can become a valuable tool for any and all aspiring race car drivers.

You will be able to experience the wheel at the following race meetings in 2020 (COVID pending):

Barber Motorsports Park – 28th to 30th August

National Championship at Road America – 3rd to 11th October

Satellite owner, Matt Strand:

“It's incredible to have VRS come on board with us in an official capacity. They are a household name among Sim Racers and we're ecstatic they've chosen us as a small part in bringing their products to our real racing scene as well. The explosion of Sim Racing during the last 6 months is unprecedented, and we're looking forward to helping expand the VRS brand to even more people in the very near future.”

VRS owner, Peter Dimov:

"We are very excited to partner up with Satellite Racing! We are thrilled to reach a broader audience for our VRS DirectForce Pro products thanks to their robust presence and impressive results in real life racing, as well as across sim racing titles."

We look forward to seeing in the virtual and real worlds.

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