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Crane Wins 2021 Indycar iRacing Series

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Adam Crane and Satellite Racing have conquered the iRacing Indycar field again in 2021, becoming a two-time official champion of the Indycar iRacing official series. Intended to replicate the complete real life Indycar season, Crane becomes the first two-time champion of the series in its third season and the back-to-back championships represents the commitment of Satellite Racing to its Indycar program.

"It was a great season, full of ups and downs, but ultimately, it was great to come out on top for the second straight season for VRS Satellite Racing," said Crane. "The length of the races and the season meant we needed a solid commitment between myself and the team to really put our best foot forward against some stiff competition across a variety of tracks, and to win again feels great."

Crane led the championship for most of the season finishing with 2351 points across the 15 week schedule, almost 400 more than his nearest championship rival. The series tackled street courses, short ovals and superspeedways, as well as road courses just like the real life counterpart, requiring the champion be adept in more than one discipline.

There were a number of stirring drives throughout the season, but none perhaps more emblematic of Crane's fight than at Road America, where he charged from the back of the field after a mistake in qualifying to win the race against some of the best in the Indycar. "I think the race at Road America was a real turning point -- we were confident coming into the race, but the mistake in qualifying against some real pros in the car was an situation where it would be easy get behind on points. The pace in the car was outstanding, and we were lucky enough to be in a position up towards the front battling for the lead before (Henry) Bennett made a mistake and opened the door for us," Crane said.

The championship continues the success Satellite Racing has demonstrated in the Indycar series in official series on iRacing, having also won the 2021 Season 3 title in the iRacing Indycar-Road series also by Crane, and having two cars qualify for the top split Indianapolis 500 earlier this year.

2021 Indycar iRacing Series Season Standings

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