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I think my path is followed by many, I started with Geoff Crammond GP4 released in 2002.
From there I only became aware of online racing with GTR then onto GTR2.
I bought the stock wheel at the time, a G25 and began racing with NoGrip Racing on Saturday nights.
Enjoying the friendship and learnt all the time, but 60 minute races seemed to short even then! 
I moved with a few friends over to N.A.G.P where one of the guys developed the much loved ALMS Mod!
We Beta tested it and on full release began 90 minute Multi-Class races based on the ALMS Season 
with Le Man being the Final race of the season a 3 hour special.

At this time I began with rFactor and found the ERL League and the forerunner to VEC. Driver swaps 6 to 12 hour races 
was something that really intrigued me. 
I was invited to drive with Chuck and Bill in the Oracle P2 during Season 3, i jumped in car and ran laps and sent in a set up, it turned into the race set, and 
that was it. My years of learning had been worth it, I'd found what I'd been looking for.

During Season 4 after R2, I was approached by Dave Jordan from Deuces M.C. Chuck and Bill gave me their blessing to join.
I teamed up with Ville Repo, and by the time I crossed the line at the final round, the 12hrs of Le Man, we had won the P2 Championship.
I then signed up to V.O.R Monday night league, and at seasons end I had won the GTD Porsche Cup.
I have been a member of Satelitte, from them days, but until now have I not driven in Satelitte colours. I took a break from Sim-Racing for a couple of years as my DJ life
took centre stage. I came back in 2016, and dusted of the Fanatec's and got down to finding some pace.
Matt put a shout out for drivers wanting to drive in season 10. I offered my services and got the call to lead the P2 
team in Satelitte #126 in Division 3. Every race has seen development with us always in top 3 at some stage in each round, the goal is certainly a podium, and 
a win if possible!

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