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Born - Kuusankoski, Finland

Home - Kajaani, Finland

Age - 20

Joined - 01/04/2019


2019 Sports Car Open GT Series


  • 9th of the AOR rFactor 2 F1 S1

  • 9th of the AOR rFactor 2 F1 S2

  • 5th of GTE class in the 24 hours of Daytona 2019 split 10

  • 6th of MX-5 class in the Roar Before the 24 2019 split 4 2nd of GT3 class in the Bathurst 12 hour 2018 split 13

I started Sim/League racing on F1 2016 on AOR on XB1, both seasons on that game i finished 4th in Tier 3. When i saw couple of people from my tier racing on Project Cars at the same time, i wanted to try that aswell and i ended up doing 2 seasons of indycar league finishing 8th and 4th in Tier 2 and 2 seasons of GT3 league on XB1 side finishing 3rd in Semi-Pro and 6th in Pro Tier. After this i moved racing on PC, where i have done 1 season on Project Cars 2 Elite Tier and 2 seasons of AOR's Assetto Corsa league, without anything mention worthy success. Probably my biggest achievements on my career so far, i got from 2 seasons of racing in AOR rFactor 2 F1 league finishing 9th on both seasons and getting 2 podiums during 23 races that i did participate.

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