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Eric is a current resident of Pennsylvania. Always a fan of open wheelers, Eric started his sim racing career in 1995 with the title Indycar Racing II. This title allowed him to race against his idols offline in the ultra-competitive series prior to the IRL/CART split in 1996. In 1998, Grand Prix Legends (“GPL”) was released, which was fundamental to development of his driving style (the good and the bad!) and car control. GPL replicated the 1967 Formula 1 World Championship and was raw and extremely difficult. After driving GPL a few years offline, Eric found the sim racing community and bunkered down in this sim until 2006. Eric won multiple league championships and was commonly found high up on the “GPLRank” leader board for various chassis (primarily Ferrari 312 and BRM H16) and circuits. 

In 2006, Eric began to follow sports cars and needed a change from GPL. As a result, he picked up GTR2. In GTR2, Eric won the North American TPG league championships multiple times (participated in seasons from 2006 to 2008 with multiple teams) and was also a multiple time Race of Champions winner (North American vs European leagues). He also won the BeRacing Championship in the 2007/2008 season.

In 2008, Eric moved over to the rFactor platform because of the ability to perform driver swaps for endurance races. With his team, he entered the SSCA season in the LMP1 class and won the 12 Hours of Daytona (round 3). Unfortunately, the SSCA discontinued the season soon after that round. Having caught the endurance racing bug, Eric, under the banner of what became Deuces Motorsports Club (“DMC”), then entered what is now known as the Virtual Endurance Championship late in Season 1. Eric accumulated 20 wins and 29 podiums in seasons 1 through 5, which represents 53% and 79%, respectively, of races entered.

Eric joined the Satellite racing team for the Virtual Endurance Championship late in Season 9 after a hiatus from sim racing of approximately 4 years. Satellite was a partner team to DMC and, as such, the fit was natural.



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