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                                                                                          2006: Satellite Racing was born as a development group for Swedish                                                                                            American Racers(SAR). The goal was simple: find like-minded racers                                                                                            who want to improve their online race craft and have a good time.                                                                                                  The drivers took the team and overall driver championships for the                                                                                              GT2 Classic Division in their rookie season with SAR drivers sitting                                                                                                on top of the standard GT2 division. The season and team                                                                                                                camaraderie had been so strong in year 1 that it set the benchmark                                                                                              for what was expected here as a Satellite member even now a                                                                                                      decade and a half later


2009: the team branched out to new challenges and the extremely

difficult field of endurance racing. With an LMP2 Porsche Spyder and GT1

Aston Martin in the SSCA series the team set sites on its new goals, 

bringing in new names and faces to the endeavour. Consistency and

reliability over the long events proved to be a tougher challenge to

master and early on had the team frustrated with results not reflecting

the pace put forth through the race. The team continued working and

built a solid foundation of knowledge for the reliability side. Endurance

racing has been the primary focus of the team in simracing ever since

2009. With wins ranging from the V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000 to the 24

hours of Lemans in an LMP1, Satellite continued to build its name and become known around the world.


2010: then driver Matt Strand had an idea to expand the team even further into the racing world. This time off of the computer screen and into the real world of motorsport. He and Team Manager Kyle Pearson began discussing the idea and how to go about it. The plan was to have Pearson continue to run the simracing team, while Strand ran the real world side of things. The idea was to give an avenue for Satellite drivers and other simracers to have a more affordable way to give the real world of racing we all wanted to do a shot.

                                                       2011: Satellite Racing was officially incorporated with the US Government as a company                                                           in April. 2 weeks later, the team made its debut in the SCCA at Palm Beach International                                                           Raceway with an Invader chassis in the Formula 500 class. That weekend also saw the                                                             teams 1st pole, fastest race lap, and win in the real world of racing as we came home                                                               with a 15 second margin of victory ahead of the 14 car field. 





2012: Pearson steps down from his manager position of the sim racing side of the team, handing Strand the keys to that as well. Pearson is still with the team racing occasionally in a Honda S2000 but prefered to remain in an advisory, technical, and marketing role. 2012 Also saw our real world division transfer from the 2 stroke Formula 500 cars to the 4 stroke, motorcycle powered Formula 600 cars and bringing Atlanta native Clint McMahan onboard with the team full time who won on debut with working with us. Sim racing side saw wins in the prestigious VLMS 12 Hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Lemans overall with an LMP1 Acura.

2013: Entered into online open wheel racing for the first time with the GPVWC Supercup series. Also won both the Endurance eSport World Championship (then known as GTR24h) and 1 week later won the first full season of the Formula 600 Challenge Pro Series while drivers Matt Strand and Clint McMahan finished 1st and 2nd in the season points. We were champions in both sim racing and our real world programs at the same time.

2014: McMahan and Strand again finished 1-2 in the Formula 600 Challenge series, this time reversing their positions from 2013. McMahan also took 2nd place in the SCCA National championship. The team expanded into Rallycross with a VW Beetle dubbed “Dirty Dori” with lead builder and driver Matt Williams heading up the project. GPVWC Supercup program continued with new drivers Sven de Vries and Menno Klont getting the teams first ever 1-2 in online open wheel racing. Handful of wins and podiums by both with Sven eventually finishing 2nd in the championship and the team 5th. 

2015: Debut in the Endurance Karting 24 hours of America with a team of Satellite established sim racers. Another team first as Sven de Vries becomes our first sim to real driver into our Formula 600 cars, eventually finishing 2nd in the F600 Pro Series championship for the year. Later in the year driver Matt Strand gets 2nd place in the SCCA National Championship at Daytona, setting a record number of “unofficial” lead changes with eventual winner at 44. Sim racers claimed 2nd in VLMS team championship and 2nd in GPVWC Supercup points.

2016: 3rd in teams points GPVWC Supercup series. Also made our biggest move

to date in the real cars partnering with RJB Motorsport to provide technical

support for 2 cars in the Indycar sanctioned USF 2000 Series. The first step on

the Mazda Road to Indy. Clint McMahan was also given 1 of the driving seats

based on 2014 Championship in Formula 600 Pro Series. Top 10 the debut

weekend in St Petersburgh with a handful more during the season netted the

team 7th in teams title at end of season for our rookie year. Both cars would later

be built by Studio 397 to officially be apart of the rfactor 2 car list, helping solidify

our commitment to both the real cars along with the virtual. 

2017: Restarted our online endurance racing program returning to the Virtual Endurance Championship finishing 7th in points. Endurance Karting 24 hours of America 4th place overall. Took our Endurance Karting program over seas to Milton Keynes England to run the 24 hours of Milton Keynes. Also finished off our scheduled GPVWC Supercup program. Clint McMahan and Sven de Vries finish 1-2 in SCCA National championship at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

2018: Virtual Endurance Championship 2nd place in points Division 1 on rfactor 2. Returned to England for the 24 Hours of Milton Keynes with 2 entries. One a solo effort by Trey Shannon who finished 11th of 26 in class. Returned to Endurance eSport World Challenge in Denmark, coming home 2nd and 4th overall. Officially moved our 2nd sim to real driver into Formula car racing with Ryan Mayfield.  

Since moving to the real world the team has amassed a resounding winning ratio of 81.82% and an even better 91% pole record. With lap records set at 5 different tracks in the south east, Satellite quickly made its mark in the real world Formula car scene while branching into other avenues such as Karting, Rallycross, Touring Cars, and most recently Sports Prototypes. Our sim racers continue to contend for championships across all of their series in both rfactor 2 and iracing currently with more reach planned soon as well.

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